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To quickly check availability on a lead--put in date and time of event and the items they are interested in renting.  If the client wants to also know how much to deliver and you charge distance charges or delivery fees--you will also want to enter the customers venue/address information as well.  

If you need to make any changes to volunteers, staffing or the order of the rentals listed on the lead--Click on the rental once it's in the "cart". These options will show once the rental info is expanded.

For volunteers to be calculated, inventory items need to have a value for recommended volunteers and the delivery method needs to not be charging for staffing.

For staff to be calculated, delivery preference needs to have it turned on and either delivery method needs to be charging for staffing or the inventory item doesn't have a recommended volunteer number set but does have recommended staff set

Quickly enter the customer info by typing the name or organization of the customer and select them from the drop-down list.  Also, use the copy address button if you want to use the customer address as the venue address as well. 

When editing a lead you have the following options to save: 

Close = do not save any changes you have made to the lead.

Save & Close = save changes to the lead, and go back to leads view mode.

Save as Copy = saves a duplicate of the lead using any changes you’ve made-remember to make changes to dates!

When you save a lead it will start out as a Quote and in the Quote Status.  
If you want the customer to be able to view a contract it the lead will have to be in a contracted status. 

Recurring Leads Watch Video Here

How to undelete leads and update Geolocation (for routing purposes) Watch Video Here

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