Using Venues

To use venues, first go to Optional Fields and turn on the Venue fields that you want to use.  At minimum you should turn on the Venue Name field.  This will then show on the leads page when you are entering in venue information.  It is not a required field, but as you will see below, it can save you time.

How Venues Save You Time

If you create a lead and enter a venue name (Examples: Hotels, Parks, etc.) it will save the venue details to be recalled again on  future leads. This is particularly useful if you regularly use certain venues like parks.  By typing in the venue name on the lead, you will be able to select matches, and it will fill in all the venue information.  That includes possibly important venue notes you may have put on the venue for your staff to see.  

Updating Venue Information

Changing the venue information for any lead will change the venue information for EVERY other lead that has the same venue attached to it.  The same will happen if you edit the venue on the venue settings page.  

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