Leads - Lead Statuses

Status of a Lead

To change the status, click on a lead, then you will see the different statuses listed with a box below the word. Simply click the status (and save the event) to change the status. 

If you have multiple locations and you are changing any of the lead statuses or adding a new status, please remember that when making these changes that the changes will apply for all of the locations.

Partial = You don't have a full quote, just some information. Usually, these are abandoned quotes or contact forms from your website

Canceled = Lead was in higher status but was canceled.

Quote = Just a price quote, no inventory is reserved.

Hold = Inventory in this lead is being reserved.

Contract = Contract has been created for the upcoming event.

Confirmed = Contract has been signed and deposit has been paid.

Complete = Event is over.

With the default settings, the system will automatically upgrade a lead from Quote -> Contract, Contract -> Confirmed, and Confirmed -> Complete when the appropriate conditions are met. You can also manually change the status of a lead if you want to. Each status has a particular color associated with it, and you’ll see the leads highlighted with that color on parts of the site so you can easily tell see their status.

Custom Statuses

In Settings -> Statuses, you can create and edit the status options you have. We highly recommend keeping the default ones, however many customer choose to add a status for “Canceled” events and “Postponed” events. If you choose to change your statuses, you should ALWAYS FIRST CONSIDER LEADS USING THE STATUS YOU ARE CHANGING.  For example, if you decide to change your Contract status to no longer reserve rental items, you probably want to look through those leads and move any that you want to keep reserved to the Confirmed status so those items stay reserved.  

Preventing Unnecessary Inventory Reservations

Default settings will reserve regardless to make sure you don't lose an event where a customer appears more interested. In this scenario, the administrator is expected to make contact with the customer to determine whether to continue holding the equipment or downgrading the lead status if they are not serious about purchasing. Some users don't want to reserve equipment unless a customer signs and pays their contract. This is possible by editing the Contract status and changing it to not reserve equipment. When this is done, the first customer to sign and pay the deposit for a lead, will reserve the equipment. Other customers that try to sign or pay later, get an error message saying the contract is no longer valid.

If you just want a signature or deposit payment to reserve, this is possible, too. You'll need to additionally make the Confirmed status to only require signature or deposit. Then you'll need to make a copy of that status and set it to require the other of the two. If you chose signature on the Confirmed status, then you'll choose deposit on the new status.  

If making these changes, CONSIDER LEADS USING THE STATUS YOU ARE CHANGING. You may need to alter their statuses after you change properties of statuses.  

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