Rental Inventory - Staff Costs by Item

You can use InflatableOffice to estimate your staff costs for an event. To use it, you must set how many staff are required for each item in your inventory (Required Staff). You also set the hourly rate to charge for your staff per hour in Settings --> General Preferences. Finally, you set which delivery methods to charge staff costs for (Settings --> Delivery Methods).

This item has 2 required staff.

You can customize the Delivery Methods and set which one’s should charge for Staffing.

Now the system will count up the number of required staff for each item being requested and multiply it by the Staff Rate to determine the Staff Cost.

If the Delivery type is set to a method that charges staffing, the Staff Costs will be calculated.

There are two methods to determine how many hours to bill the staff for:

1. Use just the event hours (default)

2. Use event time, drive time, and setup/teardown times. The drive time uses the distance divided by 60 (assumes 60 mph) and the setup/teardown time. 

The staff section is meant for setting up how your staff charges are estimated for quotes and checking out on your website. Staff charges are only calculated for delivery types set to charge for staffing.

We calculate staff costs by multiplying the dollars/hour you enter here by the total staffing based on your inventory by the total time the staff is out. Total staffing number is based solely on the summation of the staff numbers for all inventory on your lead.

Total time is set here as either the event time only or the time of the travel, setup, tear down, and event. Travel times are from the warehouse address to the delivery address and back regardless of any alternate planned route. Setup and tear down times are based on settings on inventory regardless of whether those values were changed by the admin specific to that lead.

Changing the staff numbers on the lead will not at this time affect the calculation of the staff charge because this is meant to occur during the initial website checkout, which doesn't allow intervention of any office staff.

The equipment setup fee will show up on events as Delivery Setup Fee and it is based on the staff hourly rate times the length of time needed to setup/teardown an event.

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