Rental Inventory - Consumable Items

Consumable items are items added into your inventory that you need to keep track of, in the event you need to order more. The benefits of adding inventory in as a consumable items are to provide a systematic approach to proper and effective inventory management, such as keeping track of inventory to avoid overstocking, shortages, out-of-stock inventory and also preventing unnecessary waste.

Some examples of consumable items may be:

  • Servings/extra servings for concessions
  • Disposable paper plates, napkins, cups, tableware
  • Trash bags/liners
  • Balloons, party favors
  • Cleaning supplies

This is how you would add a consumable item into inventory, by selecting the drop down arrow next to "Add Inventory":


Once you have the consumable items added, you will have the ability to select the quantity of the item and keep track of the total inventory you have on hand by date.

When adding to the quantity, you would select the date the consumable items come in to increase the total you have. This can also help prevent items from expiration dates.

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