Rental Inventory - Relationships on Obstacle Courses

Child Items - Obstacle Courses

When it comes to building an obstacle course with smaller units that create a larger unit, you would add all sections into inventory and put them into a relationship and give a build quantity.

For example, if you have a 150ft obstacle course and it takes 1-50ft obstacle course, 1-30ft obstacle course and 1-70ft obstacle course, you would enter in the build quantity of what units are needed, like this:

For another example, if there is 1-100ft obstacle course and it uses the same 1-30ft and 1-70ft as the 150ft obstacle course above, you would enter in the 100ft unit into inventory and your relationships would be adding in 1-30ft unit and 1-70ft unit into a relationship. This is indicating that the obstacle course can be used as either the 150ft or 100ft. This is how you would set up 1-100ft obstacle course:

For more complicated builds, you may need to add these as required accessories. If you need additional assistance with this, please contact our support team.

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