Rental Inventory - Sharing Between Multi-Locations

Sharing Inventory Between Multi-Location Accounts

You can share your inventory with another location within the same account through Inflatable Office. When in your inventory, select the checkbox for the items you want share. If you want all of your inventory shared between your locations, you can click the Name button at the top of table.

Once you've selected the items you want to share between other locations, you'll need to click "Share to Location" from the drop down and select the location in which you are sharing inventory with.

You'll then select the location you would like to share inventory with. You'll then see that the one piece of inventory is listed as a Vendor Item.

You will have to go into your shared inventory items to make a few adjustments. For example, we copy over the price so you may need to edit the price per location. We also clear the category for you, unless both locations have the same category name (must be exact).

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