Rental Inventory - Accessories - Concessions/Banners


Some example uses of Accessories: 

  • Available colors for tablecloths
  • Flavors or servings for cotton candy machine
  • Extra servings for concessions (See here for consumable items)
  • Art/Character panels for a bounce house
  • Tables and chairs

There are two lists of inventory: Rentals and Accessories. Accessories get linked to Rentals and are only offered to the customer when the Rental is selected. These are typically items that cannot be rents out by themselves.

An Accessory can be linked to as many rental items as you wish. So if you have an art panel that can go on a Modular Bounce House as well as on a Modular Combo, InflatableOffice will track availability of this accessory across multiple rentals.

Adding an accessory into your inventory is very similar to adding a main rental unit. Click on the drop down arrow and click "Add Accessory" as pictured below:

You must add a price to the accessory in order to save it; however, that price could be $0. Once the accessory is saved, you need to let InflatableOffice know which rental(s) this is an accessory to. In order to do this, you need to edit the accessory you want to add to the rental found under "Linked Items" in the added accessory.

Add a Custom Picture to an Accessory

InflatableOffice will use the Accessories saved picture by default. However in some cases, you may want to display a different picture when attached to a particular rental. The most common example of this is with modular bounce houses and modular combos that take art panels. 

In order to do this, First, you need to go to the main rental item in the inventory (the bouncer that the art panel attaches to). Edit the Accessories area of that rental's settings. While editing there, you can upload custom pictures for that accessory attached to that rental. 

Make an Accessory "Required"

In the case of extra servings, the initial rental can either come with a set amount of servings or you can require these to be a required accessory. An common example of this would be a free accessory called "50 servings of popcorn" that's added to a Popcorn Machine rental (along with this required 50 servings that you can still offer the optional Accessory "Extra servings of popcorn" for additional servings). This also applies to packages and banners. Here is an article on more information for setting up packages. 

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