Rental Inventory - Maintenance (check-in/out)

If an item is out for maintenance, it will affect the availability of that item. You can schedule when an item will unavailable and when it will become available again, or you can set it to be un-available indefinitely.

Go to Settings --> Maintenance (under Rentals) to configure which items are unavailable.

Put an Item into Maintenance (check-out)

Go to Settings --> Maintenance to schedule an item for maintenance. If you leave the check-out date empty, then it will use today’s date. If you leave check-in empty, then the item will be unavailable until it is checked back in.

For convenience, you can easily put an item into maintenance from the Leads page once an event is over. A worker designated as a manager can also perform this task from the workers site. You can configure an Alert so you or your staff can be notified when this occurs.

After an event is over, you can click the rental name of the item to put in maintenance.

Remove an Item from Maintenance (check-in)

To make an item available again, simply select the product you want to mark available, check it in and it will be made available.

Select the item and click the Delete button to remove an item from maintenance and check it in.

Automatic Maintenance

Automatic entries into maintenance can occur when a manager marks an item as being wet or needing repaired from the manager report. Turn these on in your Email Center.

Also, an item can always have a recovery time assigned to it so that it will always be unavailable for a certain amount of time after an event. This can be set per item under the Advanced section.

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