Click on Settings->Inventory

Here is how you Add an Item.

Pricing can be set hourly, daily, or a combination of the two.  Learn how to set this up here Pricing.

If you need to add accessories please read this link Accessories.

When you have a rental that can be used more than one way you can add it as a child item.  Example: You have a slide that is offered dry as well as a water slide and it is the same item.  See how to do this here Parent/Child Items.

Learn how to make a rental item inactive or delete it Here.

Click here if you need to track rentals by serial numbers or have multiple rentals w/ the same name. 

To learn how to set up rental packages follow this link Packages.

If you plan on offering vendor items to be rented along with your own you can learn more about that with this article Vendor Items.

Here are the instructions on how to check and item in and out of maintenance.

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