Set Up the Package

When in your Inventory Setting add a new rental item.  Here you can name your package and set the price of the overall package. If you want all your Packages to list together you can add a new category of Packages and set the main rental to have this category. Otherwise, choose a category where you would like this particular Package to show. 

Make the package quantity "unlimited" because the items included will decide on quantity available. You can set the price as a flat amount and mark all Accessories with 'override price', or you can make the package price a negative amount to discount the total of the accessory items that make up the package.

Add Accessories/Rentals

Once you set up the main rental you can add accessories to it.  These accessories make up the package. 

It is important to override the price, this way the system uses the price of the main rental/package.  Also, if the item is required be sure enter the amount. (example: maybe your package includes 6 chairs)   If you would like to let the customer to choose from more than one item (example: choose from 3 different bounce houses for the package) you would not enter anything in the required box.  When you want to allow this, be sure to change the number of options the customer is allowed to make so that they cannot pick all of the options.  In the example below if the customer chooses this package it will automatically put the bouncer, 2 tables, and 12 chairs into the cart.  

Some package set up situations are more complex.  If you need help with these please feel free to contact our support team.

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