Black-Out Dates

This is to prevent your customers from either getting quotes or booking events during those dates.  

  1. Click Edit.  
  2. Click the Add New Black-Out Date button.
  3. Enter a date range.  If you just want to black-out one day, enter the same date twice.
  4. Choose how you want to restrict that date range.  Restricting quotes will prevent your customer from getting a quote and instead give them a message saying you are closed during that time.  It will not save a lead in your account.  Restricting the bookings will allow your customers to still get quotes for that time but not book (sign a contract and pay).  It will save a lead in your database.
  5. Enter a reason as a reminder to yourself of why you blacked out that date range.  
  6. You can click the Add New Black-Out Date button as many times as you want to add more dates.  
  7. Click Save.  

Black-Out Dates will not affect existing booked events, so it can be used to prevent further bookings if a particular date gets too busy to accommodate any more events. 

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