Promotions and Fees

You can configure these by going to Settings->Promotions & Fees.


A Special is automatically applied when the criteria is met on your lead.  To set up a special you will name it, set up time periods, and then select your "rule".  For example: Rent 2 qualifying items and get 10% off Rental Total


Fees are set up similar to Specials. Set up your name, time periods and select your "rule".  Example:  Rent 1 event get a 5% Fee on Rental Total; this is a good example of a Damage Waiver Fee.


A coupon is set up like a Special but you would also need to set a "Coupon Code"  which would be needed for this discount to apply.  


Packages are set up using the Advanced Rule.  Here you can set up two specific items to receive a special price or two category items to get the special amount.  Example:  Rent 1 Concession Item and 1 Moonwalk/Bounce House for a total of $300.  

Common examples

Concession machine is $150 by itself, but $100 if rented with an inflatable. You will want to setup your concession machine price at $150, then create a special that says

Rent 1: (select each inflatable), Get 1 Rental: (select each concession), $50 off.

Now if you also want them to get $50 off for each concession if they rent more than one (say they rent a bounce house and 2 concessions) then you should just change the Get # rentals to 99.

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