Settings - Alerts Center

In the Alerts Center, you can assign email addresses to where emails are sent when an event occurs, such as when a customer books online or makes a payment. There is no need to add any email address(es) if you are okay with the emails going to your Company Email Address that is set-up in your Account Preferences. If you want the select alerts to go to any additional email addresses, you may enter that email address where prompted.

You can also activate it to email the sales rep that has been assigned to that particular event. To assign sales reps, you need the workers module enabled. If you want these alerts to go to a separate email address, enter the email address in the Email Address(es). To allow these emails to go to multiple email addresses, separate these email addresses by a comma. 

You cannot customize the alerts in the Alert Center. If you want to customize any alerts, you have a few options to select in the Email Center. For more help on the Email Center, please check out this article.

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