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We have now created a way for you to send out postcards to your customers!! In order to send these out, you MUST have the WordPress API Module.

Here is a step-by-step on how to send out postcards.

First, you have to create a filter.
1. Name Filter (for example purposes, I have named my filter "Postcard Filter")
3. Lead status - enter the lead status (for example, I want all of my postcards sent out to customers in the Contracted status)
3. Contains city (enter the city in which you want your postcards to be sent to)

My filter looks like this:

Next, you'll want to create a report. If you are using this to send postcards you want to include name and address data. The idea is to include any data in the report you will need for this automated task. This is how I have my report set up:

Once your report has been created, be sure you save and close.

After your filter and report have been created, it's a good idea to test them. Go to your Leads/Events page, find and apply the filter, similar to this:

You'll then search for your report: 

By testing you can make sure that the correct data is showing.  

In order for your postcards to be sent, you must create an automation. We use Zapier for this. This is integrated and embedded into our software in the settings. To use Zapier, here are the steps for the automation to be created. Create an account or login to previously created account. Once logged in or an account has been created, you should input in the information required.

Then click "try it" --> you will then have to choose your IO account. You MUST create an API Key. Once your API Key is created, Save & Close. Go back into the API Key, copy API Key, paste into Zapier. It should look similar to this: 

Select Continue and now we will set up the triggers. To do so, first, name your trigger (it is listed under "My Automated Webhook" by default, but this can be changed). If you have a multi-location account, you must specify which location to save this to. If you only have one location, please select the option "Single Location Account" to proceed --> type in and select the filter you want to apply --> type in and select the report you want to apply --> Continue.

You will then be prompted to test your trigger. Once you test your trigger, you will see a message similar to this:

Once you receive this, select "Continue" --> you will be prompted to sign in or sign-up for a ClickSend account. It will look similar to this:

Continue. Event will be Send Postcard.

Continue --> Choose account --> Continue --> Choose PDF File URL (this is required) -> Priority (you may select yes or no. If you select yes, it may change the price) --> enter in all of the fields (you may find it easier to use the search bar to find the fields you would like to input. Once this information is filled out, select Continue.

The PDF file URL is the location of your postcard design. Make sure you build it to their specifications so you know it will print the way you want.  It may be a good idea to do a test and have it sent to your address first before enabling it to send to all your customers. You would do this by creating a lead with your address information and then filtering to only grab it. You can look at your ClickSend account to know when it has been processed. 

Important: Make sure you have enough money in your ClickSend account or have it set to auto add money so that when we send the data over it gets processed.  If you don't have enough money, it will not send those remaining postcards and there is no simple way to resend.  

If you go back into your IO account and go to your Automations, you will then see your created automation.

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