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In order to add reviews to your website and other social media platforms, follow these steps. Settings → General Preferences → Reviews:

()Enter the name of the review platform you’d like your reviews to be linked to (Example: Google, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.) → Go to the URL link that your reviews are linked to → copy URL link and paste it into the link section next to the name. In the email that is sent to the customer, it gives them the option to press on 1-5 stars for review.

Weight is where we want to send most of our reviews to. (Example: If you choose 5 reviews to be sent to Google, half of your reviews will go to Google.)

Minimum rating is for you to filter out the bad reviews (choose whatever rating at minimum that you want your customers to see) for whichever platform you have chosen. (Example: If you don’t want any star under 3 stars to be displayed on Google, your minimum rating should be set to 4.)

To search for internal reviews, you can go to your Settings → Reviews. This is where you will find all of your reviews.

Most websites created for you have a codebox there for you to have your customers to leave a review for you directly. All you have to do is simply copy the code and paste it onto your website, if this has not been incorporated.

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