Settings - Account Preferences


Your account preferences mostly contain values you entered when you registered your account. Some of this information is used primarily for the software/EventOffice staff to contact you. Other information can be pulled into templates and into your website, such as your company name and phone number.  

Authorized Officer

The Authorized Officer is the primary contact for the software/EventOffice staff. Only one person and email can be listed as the Authorized Officer. All major account decisions must go through the Authorized Officer. To learn more about the Authorized Officer role, please refer to the EULA.  

Time Preferences

Time preferences are used to display and save times in your account. Obviously times are crucial to tracking your inventory and events. It is not good practice to change these often. They should be set appropriately when you create your account and not changed after. Changing the timezone and DST setting can cause your saved times to display incorrectly in some cases. However, it's important to change them to their appropriate values as soon as possible so your account data is as accurate as it can be.  

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