API - Customers - Create or Update

To create a customer, see below. To update an existing customer, put the Customer ID in the URL: /api6/customers/234567/?apiKey=XXXXXX and use the below example. Any fields not sent will remain the same.


All the below are parameters are optional. The customer will be created under the locationid of the worker account's API Key. 

POST /api6/customers/?apiKey=XXXXXX {
  firstname: Joel
  lastname: Aem  
  name: Joel Aem  
  organization: Big Company
  cellphone: 123-456-7890
  homephone: 333-333-3232
  officephone: 444-232-2323
  fax: 234-234-2342
  street: 123 Happy St.
  city: Harperville
  state: OH
  zip: 44444
  country: United States
  custtags: Individual,Birthday,Funny
  cleartags: 1 or 0     <--- if you want the custtags to replace what's already saved, set to 1
  email: info@inflatableoffice.com

 customertype: Residential
 notes: Has a rabid cat.

 customfields_ids: {"custom field id": "custom field response"}



201 (Created), recordid containing new ID.

409 (Conflict) if resource already exists, recordid containing duplicate ID.

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