Website - Changing Display Price on Inventory

The actual price of an item is determined by what is set on it's inventory page in the software. We are able to edit the pricing scales shown to your customers on the web page for an item through the website though. 

This guide covers the basics, more advanced pricing configurations are documented here.

  1. Login to the software
  2. Websites
  3. Admin Login
  4. The software (listed on the left hand side)
  5. Pricing
  6. Select all the pricing scales you wish to display for your items on the site
  7. Save

There are some additional options from this page as well

Hide all prices (Override prices still show): Will hide all prices on site
Hide live price on product page: The live price will take whatever time frame the customer has selected in their shopping cart (or is already present) and show the price for that exact date and time
Hide zero dollar prices on pages: will hide pricing for items that are priced as 0

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