QR Codes, Tags, Zapier, Filters, and more

Tim B. shared this announcement 19 months ago

New Features:

  • QR Codes: You can now easily generate assignable QR codes for use in labeling equipment or storage locations in your warehouse. Sample templates are available, and you can make your own as well.
  • Tags: We’ve added the ability to make reports for tags, group and sort tags. We’ve also added some useful stats when viewing a tag.
  • Zapier: Zapier is now embedded into our product and listed as a settings page for convenience.
  • Filters: You can now edit items in the filter table, making it easier to make changes.
  • Filters: Current time filter added which enables you to setup filters that only trigger during holidays or other special periods. This is particularly useful for IO Phone ring and voicemail schedules.
  • Packing Lists: You can now edit and order the items in the packing list table, making it easier to make changes.
  • IO Phone: By specifying a ring schedule and alert email address on it, you can redirect text message alerts to specific email addresses instead of sending to just your one email address in the alerts center.
  • IO Phone: You can now filter on the IO Phone number that the caller called, which is useful if you have more than one IO Phone number.
  • Marketing: Improved tracking of UTMs on leads for filtering and reporting.
  • Payments: Additional information has been added as well as more filtering options.
  • Optional Fields: For multi-location accounts with optional fields that have the same name, we now only show the name once in reports and filters and choose the field for the appropriate location.
  • Security: We will now limit to 4 devices authorized per login. Nightly we will check and logout devices with the oldest activity of the 4 device limit. We will also send an email explaining why.
  • Newsletters: We’ve added a list unsubscribe header to help prevent being flagged as spam.
  • Leads: Added a warning for when shifts do not overlap the event.
  • QuickBooks: For QuickBooks Online, we now will enter separate tax agencies for each state you are operating in.
  • Shifts: Link to worker profile added to shifts view.
  • Company Address: It is now required for sales tax reporting.
  • IO Phone: Now the first worker phone is included in the plan cost if you are paying the full retail rate.
  • Security: Improved logic to block abusive IP addresses from submitting forms.
  • Quick Add Items: There is a permission for being able to use Quick Add Items on the leads page. Existing users with leads page access are given the permission by default.
  • Distance Charges: You can now define tiered rates per mile for different ranges. This works with flat rates as well such that we start at the last flat rate and then use the tiered mileage.
  • Dashboard: We now have a preset dashboard data table that you can add which shows your revenue by category as well as by fee and promotion.
  • Leads: We’ve added a button near the total to allow forcing a recalculation of values.
  • Variables: Total weight variable added for use in packing lists. Tax exempt ID variable also added.
  • SEO: ‘Main’ checkbox added next to settings > wordpress keyword and city lists. If checked it will be used to generate city landing pages and monitor SERP rank. If unchecked they’ll be used in SEO content generation only. ‘Main’ limitations: Everyone gets 10 keywords, 5 cities with WP module, and paid SEO plans get 50 keywords, 20 cities.
  • SEO: Paid SEO plans now include content generation features for categories and item descriptions which will append their existing descriptions with additional content.
  • SEO: Paid SEO plans include weekly blog posting and GMB posting.

Bugs fixed:

  • Fees: Lead updates coming from the customer will not remove fees manually added by the admin.
  • Delivery: For items requiring a separate vehicle, we now respect quantities of those items when determining delivery fees.
  • Weather Alerts: Alerts will now go out even if no surface is set on the lead. Previously we required it so we could prevent sending alerts for indoor events.
  • Google Calendar: Title character limit increased for longer titles.
  • Tags: Fixed issue where customer tags could get replaced with some form submissions.
  • Payments: Fixed date display when exporting from the payments page.
  • Inventory: Required accessories were not being included if they were set to not show on the leads page.
  • Inventory: Multiple levels of required accessories are now properly enforced.
  • Training: Multiple improvements to building and using training surveys.
  • Wordpress: Fixed issues in cart related to difficulty in picking times for some browsers.

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More info on the training improvements?


Most of the training improvements were bug fixes. That should have been clearer. No new features.


Anymore details on how to use the QR Codes. There is no data when scanned. How do I add information?


Here is some information. It is meant to work with our Workers App for your mobile device.



Good Morning,

Is there a way for the QR Code Label Tags to populate all my inventory items automatically. The QR code documentation does not describe how to use the template.

I want to create stickers and strap tags for each inventory item. Do I have to manually replace each QR code image and print one at a time or is there a faster way to do it?

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