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New Features:

Bugs fixed:

  • CRM: Fixed scenario where sometimes emails would be grouped when they shouldn’t
  • CRM: Fixed a case where email signature template data wasn’t being replaced when loading an IMAP email from the CRM log on a lead.
  • CRM: Fixed an issue where the contact full name would now show on the CRM list under organizations.
  • CRM: Fixed an issue where emails sent from the email page accessible from the CRM list would not log any relevant Organization ID or Quote ID.
  • CRM: Fixed an issue not all open entries would show when using the ‘Open Entries’ filter in the CRM Log.
  • CRM: Fixed an issue where contacts were present in multiple organizations.
  • CRM: Fixed two issues where entries in the CRM presets would not be correctly color coded and the email page was not closing correctly after sending.
  • Websites: Fixed an issue where some accessories weren’t properly being added to the cart
  • Tasks / Journals: Changed UI so features would match across either choice.
  • Leads/Autosave: Fixed an issue that made it more difficult to create a new customer profile from an existing one when autosave was enabled and could cause unintended changes to be made to that existing profile
  • Customers: Improved duplicate checking logic
  • Sidebar: Prevent bug that would sometimes cause the sidebar search autocomplete dropdown to display options from a different entity which, when selected, could cause PHP errors or otherwise unexpected behavior
  • Receipts: Fixed issue with display of refunds.
  • Workers module: Properly show workers module status when not active on Event Hawk accounts.
  • Outlook email: Fixed issue with multiple email addresses in CC and BCC.
  • Workers app: Fixed issue with template variables in packing list.
  • Payments/Square: Implemented more robust error handling in the event that malformed responses are returned from Square due to their own data server issues. This will now prevent us from incorrectly sending "Payment Made" alert emails when these rare failures occur
  • Organizations/Customers: Fixed a bug caused by loading certain preset filters on these pages, sorting by specific columns, then removing the preset
  • IO Phone: Text Message templates will now be filtered by location when searching for them on the phone bar, whenever possible
  • Email: Fixed an issue where email edited content wasn’t being sent.
  • Email: Fixed an issue where DST was not being applied to the timestamp shown in the email.
  • Quickbooks: Fixed an issue where a contact office phone number would not import into Quickbooks
  • Quickbooks: Changed how brand switching works so that it is documented more accurately for the purpose of keeping track of paying commission.
  • Quickbooks: Updated how refunds come in to reflect the items on our Quickbooks Account.
  • Help Page: Separated Power User loading from page loading to increase load times for the rest of the page.
  • Email: Fixed an issue where received emails wouldn’t have inline images sourced correctly.
  • Payments: Fixed a bug that could, in some rare cases, prevent a saved customer card from displaying on a lead when they should have, namely after a manual admin-side payment had been processed
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