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InflatableOffice recommends using an accounting software such as Intuit’s QuickBooks (QB) that will track both your income and expenses. We prefer the Quickbooks Online version, but we can also integrate with Quickbooks Desktop version.



  • Your data in InflatableOffice (IO) will seamlessly import into Quickbooks (QB). InflatableOffice software has a beautiful integration with QB that will keep it up to date without any manual importing.
  • IO will import your Customers, Leads (as Invoices), and Payments into QB. 
  • Not all Leads get imported in. IO will always import Leads with payments received. It will also import Leads with Lead Statuses of: Confirmed and Completed (but you can change this under Lead Status settings in IO).
  • The imports into QB are triggered by leads. When a lead is imported, the customer record and payments are also imported. If something with the lead or a payment is changed, these records will be updated in your QB file.
  • IO never deletes any items from your QB file. So, if an event cancels, you will have to manually remove the corresponding invoice and payments from your QB file as necessary. The pre-saved lead filter titled "Delete from QB" will show you records that are in QuickBooks that need deleted.
  • IO does not import refunds or negative payments associated with leads. You will have to enter those manually in QB.
  • When a Customer Record or a Lead or a Payment is imported into Quickbooks, a little QB icon will appear in IO next to that record. You can click this icon to be taken directly to the record in Quickbooks.
  • ⭐ IMPORTANT: you should always edit your records in IO first, because if you edit in Quickbooks, IO will override your edits whenever the next import/sync occurs. ⭐
  • You can review the Log (click "Show Log" link) for more information on what was imported and whether it errored or not. The log only contains a limited number of the latest entries and is helpful for troubleshooting. It will also explain some of the errors and how they have corrected themselves.
  • QB DESKTOP only - you can review queued items by clicking on the "Show Queue" link. After the QB Web Connector runs completely, these items will be removed from the queue.


❓❓ QB FAQs / troubleshooting ❓❓

📺 Video: Troubleshooting Quickbooks Online Integrations 📺

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