Dashboard Sorting/Exporting, Lead Warning Stack, Tent Calculator Widget, Saved Cards, and More

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New Features:

  • Attachments: You can now drag and drop files into attachments.
  • Dashboards: You can now choose any type of Report to display in custom Data Tables, instead of just Lead types.
  • Dashboard: Added average call time and missed % to IO Phone Stats.
  • Dashboard: Added ability to export records from dashboard tables.
  • Dashboards: Data Tables can now be sorted by column by clicking on them.
  • IO Phone: The Call Log will now show each individual ring schedule that matched an inbound call, along with a link to them.
  • IO Phone: Settings are searchable from the settings menu.
  • IO Phone: Added the number the text was sent from to the message thread.
  • IO Phone: When marking one record read from the list, all others with the same phone number will also be marked as read.
  • IO Phone: Respect worker Do Not Disturb settings when transferring a call to a Group.
  • Leads: A warning now displays when attempting to save a lead and an unsaved manual transaction is present.
  • Leads: The CRM list is now refreshed, when necessary, after a lead is saved, in order to reflect the latest changes that were made.
  • Leads: Rentals on a lead can now have their own surface which can differ from the lead surface.
  • Leads: New additional contact type ‘Onsite’.
  • Leads: Warnings that display at the bottom of the page can now be expanded to display them all, instead of just showing the most recent one.
  • Customers: Clear bounce count to allow sending emails to customers that had email blocked.
  • Customers: Made customer duplication checking more lenient to stop some instances of multiple customers being made when they shouldn’t have been.
  • Customers/IO Phone: Improved Ok To Text functionality to behave more intuitively, at both the saving & checking level.
  • Filters: Added new column “Lead Time Change Date/Time.”
  • Filters: Added “Lead Start Day of Month” column.
  • Filters: Added “Lead $ Distance” column.
  • Filters: “Lead Delivery Window Duration” and “Lead Return Window Duration” columns added.
  • Filters: Allow deleting a filter that is used on a deleted dashboard.
  • Filters: Show the worker account that is using a filter on a dashboard.
  • Filters: “QuickBooks Update Time” column added.
  • Filters & Reports: Added the ability to add descriptions to filters and reports.
  • Reports: Lead reports can now include ‘event rentals’ survey responses.
  • Organizations: Improved visual display for Payments list.
  • CRM: Changed ‘My Stuff’ preset to also show sent emails that have a contact, but no organization, when viewing from organizations list.
  • CRM: Improved load speed for CRM log.
  • CRM: Improved manual IMAP refresh speed.
  • CRM: Changed color of links in CRM log to be more readable.
  • CRM: Made a way to quickly create a customer/organization from the list and when viewing an email.
  • CRM / Emails: Sent emails not connected to customers or organizations can be viewed in the ‘My Stuff’ CRM preset.
  • Email: Added One-Click Unsubscribe option to emails.
  • Email: DKIM test.
  • Inventory: Contract pay can now be split between the delivery and return of the item.
  • Inventory: Edit multiple will adjust conditional pricing.
  • Inventory: Improved mobile responsiveness of the Accessories section.
  • API: Support for customer optional fields.
  • API: Ability to save lead custom fields with the new id notation.
  • API: Added the ability to send a custom key to the `text` endpoint for message tracking purposes.
  • Automations: Added ability to send automated emails to every worker per lead.
  • Automations: Automations that affect under 50 items will be automatically approved.
  • Workers: Email unsubscribe checkbox added.
  • Online Quoting: Added “selected only” for upsell type.
  • Tent Calculator: Tent calculator should now be available through Elementor Widgets.
  • Payments: Saved cards associated with additional customers will now be available to charge on a lead, instead of just the primary customers'.
  • Promotions/Fees: Added the ability to easily match on all leads, instead of having to manually create a filter yourself.
  • Shifts: A worker is now unable to decline a shift that they have already accepted.
  • Help Menu: Change some UI in the help menu to redirect people to Help Page.
  • Help Page: Changed UI in Help Page to show Support options more clearly.
  • Vendors: Added ability to quickly make vendors active / inactive. Marking as inactive will also make all vendor items inactive. (Items will not be reactivated when the vendor is reactivated).
  • Display Order: Added support for category display order on quote pages.
  • Optional Fields: Allow re-using field names between locations for workers and inventory.
  • General: Deleting multiple items speed improvement.
  • Templates: New customer variables: %contact_additional%, %contact_billing%, %contact_onsite%.

Bugs fixed:

  • Leads: Fixed issue with logging.
  • Leads: Fixed issue with deposit not updating when changing lead location.
  • Leads: Fixed issue with autobooking and advanced inventory sharing between locations.
  • Inventory: AA Tax selection fix.
  • IO Phone: Fixed bug with toll-free automated texting.
  • IO Phone: Fixed a bug with the Read checkbox sometimes showing incorrectly on both the Call & Text Log pages; updating this checkbox now does not require saving the page.
  • IO Phone: Fixed an issue where calls would be routed to an inactive worker.
  • WordPress: Fixed an issue that would unnecessarily prevent saving the WordPress page when certain warnings were present related to the Keywords & Cities lists.
  • WordPress: Fixed issue with ‘item unavailable’ message not displaying when an item had accessories on product page.
  • CRM: Fixed an issue with the preset filters in Organizations.
  • CRM: Fixed a path issue with going to call / text pages from the CRM log.
  • CRM: Fixed an issue where links shown in the CRM log were white and hard to read.
  • CRM: Fixed issue with redirect links when going to text and call log pages.
  • QuickBooks: Updated UI to match QuickBooks brand standards.
  • QuickBooks: Fixed an issue where some QuickBooks errors weren't caught due to language differences.
  • QuickBooks: Fixed an issue where sometimes integrations would show as not connected when they were.
  • Locations: Fixed issue that prevented deleting a location that had the same address as the company default.
  • Locations: Allow more than 2 characters for state name.
  • Surveys: Fixed issue with template variables with multi location accounts.
  • Permissions: Fixed worker location permission checking for Organizations & Gift Cards pages.
  • Payments: Fixed intermittent issue preventing customer-side Square payment forms from loading properly.
  • Power Users: Fixed error when loading scores.
  • Upsells: Adding an upsell item will also add required accessories.
  • Sidebar: Changing search options before the last search completed will cancel the previous search request.
  • Website Quoting: Fixed issue where after submitting a payment the users customers were being shown a WordPress critical error screen.
  • Featured Product Widget: Fixed issue causing “zombie” categories at the end of the FPW.
  • Account Preferences: Added support for the South African Rand as a currency.
  • Upsells: Added support for upsells for unlaunched multi-sites.

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