Every time a new quote is created, a new customers entry is also created under the Customers link (unless it's from an existing customer). If a customer submits multiple quotes the software will detect that it is the same customer and will not create a new profile for that customer. But if the name, phone, or address changes, then it will create a new profile for that customer.

When editing a lead you can use the New Profile option when you do not want to update an existing customer record.

Searching for an existing customer

Use the keyword box on the left side to search for an existing customer by simply typing in box.

Customer profiles

Customers that have the same email address are grouped together (if no email is specified then it groups them by organization). If you click on a customer you can see the other profiles that exist. Often times you'll get multiple profiles for the same customer because something with their address or phone number has changed.

Example of a customer with two profiles. They are grouped under the same name because the email address is the same.

Merging customer profiles

You can use the merge utility to merge duplicate profiles into one profile.

Merge utility showing which fields are different.


You can blacklist customers to prevent them from booking an event, A lead with the same email, phone number, and name as a blacklisted customer won't be allowed to book online and will show as a flag on the quote in the Leads page. You can do this from the customer profile under the notes section.

Customer Tags allows you to group customers easily, filter leads, and customize automated emails based on this. In a customers profile you can enter in the tags, press enter on your keyboard, and then save the profile to create customer tags.

You can use these tags while filtering the leads page

Tax Exemptions

For tax exemption information, see this article.

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