Email Blasts / Newsletters

Newsletters (Email Blasts)

To send a newsletter to all of your existing customers, go to the Settings->Email Center, and click New Email at the bottom right. 

You'll need to change the "Category" of the email from "manual" to "newsletter"

It is recommended that you test your newsletter before activating it. You can set the date you would like the system to begin sending the newsletter (Begin Sending Date). The newsletter will send to all contacts in your address book and any new contact added over the next 2 days. Newsletters will automatically contain an unsubscribe link on them, so you do not need to add it to the template. 

You can build the newsletter directly in the editor here, or use a tool to generate the html. Export the HTML and paste it into our editor using the </> button in the toolbar.

Newsletters to only certain customers

It's possible to send a newsletter to only a subset of customers. You do this by applying a "Lead Filter" to the newsletter. This article contains some information on creating a Lead Filter by using the Keyword box on the leads page. After you save a Lead Filter, you can use it to filter Automatic and Newsletter emails.  

Anti-Spam Laws and opt-in requirements

All emails include an unsubscribe link and your company info at the bottom of the message to comply with US based CAN-SPAM rules. We've added a "Marketing Consent" option to the Settings-Optional Fields. Simply turn it on and you'll get a required opt-in request automatically added to your quote request form.

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