Emails - Custom Email Server (Emails Going to Spam)

Custom Email Server

The best way to make sure you are getting reliable email delivery in InflatableOffice is to setup a custom email server. 

In Settings -> Email Settings, you can set emails up to send through your custom email server rather than sending the emails from our server.  You will need to provide 4 things before you can successfully turn on the custom email server:

Email Sever: [This can vary by server, but it typically follows this format]
Port: [This varies from server to server, and you'll need to get it from your email server administrator. Typically a search for "Send email through smtp" will yield the desired help page from your web sever.]
Email Login: [The email address or username you use when logging into your email server]
Password: [The password you use to log into your email server]

Gmail users

For Gmail/GSuite users, you'll want to click 'Grant Gmail Permission'. Granting Gmail Permission is allowing the software to send emails on behalf of your Google account through the software.

Emails Going to Spam

Trying to keep your emails that you send to your customers is tricky, but it helps to understand how to minimize it. When you attempt to send a customer an email through your InflatableOffice account, the email is sent from an InflatableOffice server, but marked with your email address as the "Return Address." 

Unfortunately, a similar tactic is often used by malicious email spammers: 

ex: could create an email to drive users to a fake website, and use the return address "" to appear more legitimate. 

In order to prevent your customer's email inbox from thinking your email is spam, you'll likely want to set up emails to send directly through your custom email server like we showed you above.

Another more difficult option is to set the SPF record in your DNS settings to show that we are allowed to send email on your behalf. You can see how to do that below in the next section.

There can be many other reasons that your email is being flagged as spam. There are lots of free services to help you determine why. One good one is: If you need help understanding it, send the results to our support team, and they can explain it for you.

SPF Settings

Learn about setting your SPF record properly here.  

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