Adding Workers

Here you can add workers. Fill out there general information for their worker profile.  

Be sure that if you have multiple location you pick the appropriate location(s) for the worker.

Worker Permissions

You can approve workers and set their permissions by clicking on a worker and then editing their profile details. Approving a worker gives them the ability to login to the workers site. Marking them a manager will give them additional privileges inside the workers site. Managers can view directions to the event, packing lists, and complete manager reports.

Edit a worker, and mark them as approved for them to access the Workers Site.

To grant access to the backend site, you must edit the permissions tab for the worker. Worker accounts that have full access to the workers page are not permitted to alter their worker account. You must do this from another worker account with access to the worker page or the admin account. You also can copy permissions from one worker to another. That way if you have a set of permissions for different types of workers you can easily assign these permissions by copying them over.  

Email Integration

If you plan on allowing your workers to use their email for sending emails through IO you will also fill out this information here.  If you are using Gmail simply "Grant Gmail Permission" and follow the prompts.  If not, choose your email server (or other) and fill out your SMTP settings.  You will only need to fill out the IMAP settings if you are using the CRM sales module. 

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