You can generate your product pages automatically in your wordpress website by clicking a button. Also whenever a product is added, removed, or updated in InflatableOffice, it is automatically updated on your website.

Making these changes within your Account will sync to your website

  • Inventory: Update your inventory in IO under Settings > Inventory. Be sure to add pictures.
  • Categories: After launch or before, refine your inventory and category descriptions for effective SEO.
  • Phone/Email/Address: Go to Settings > Account Preferences
  • Testimonials: Add testimonials to your website in IO under Settings > Testimonials (also, some themes may also require editing the testimonials manually on the home page).
  • Analytics: Anything in the Analytics Code will also be on the website.

Making changes within your Website

  • Homepage: Pages > Home Page > Edit with Elementor. video
  • Colors/Fonts: Edit the homepage in elementor, then click the menu at the top left and go to Site Settings
  • Pricing: Prices are pulled from products in IO, but the 4h/8h display configure in WP > InflatableOffice > Prices

Landing Pages

Generated based on your keywords/cities. You can edit the content on your website. video
The wording delivery wording can we adjusted in the wordpress inflatableoffice shortcodes:  io_category_cart and io_rental

Logging in to manage site
When you are on %company_name%, click WEBSITE at the top, then choose Admin, or see below for a 2nd method:

How to login video
1. Go to your website and add /wp-admin/ to the end of the URL
2. Get Username/Password

SEO Tips
SEO Basics Overview video

1. Get a GMB account if you don't have one
2. Update your category descriptions in IO
3. add google to your reviews
4. Enter your cities and keywords for your website

Quick-Guide Videos
Editing your homepage
Customizing your site information
Understanding site checkout settings
Working with menus
How to edit your menu styling
Understanding your site's plugins
Editing IO generated pages
Understanding the IO shortcode system
SEO Basics

All website related videos

Detailed Documentation
How to manage your new site documentation and video.

Developer guide

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