Contract Templates

This area of the settings is for editing the Template that is used to generate a contract for each customer. You may have more than one contract template for varying scenarios, but there should be one default template used for the most common booking. We have a default template in the system intended to be modified with your contract terms.

Template Variables

The variables, such as *homephone* will be replaced with the actual event data when the contract is generated. To see a list of all the possible ones to use click Template Variables HERE

Rental List Section

The section that generates the list of rentals (with variable *rentalname*) has some special code in it so that it will print a list of the inventory. We call this the "Rental Loop." If you make major changes to this section be sure to test the contract to make sure it still works properly.

Contract and Terms

You are able to make changes to the contract and terms area. You can simply copy and paste your own information here or contact support if there's something you would like help with changing.  We do have signature lines already built in as well...if you need help reconfiguring those please contact support as well. 

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