Optional Fields

In Optional Fields, you can turn on more fields than IO has by default. The optional fields can also be renamed to other things, and can have default values to start with. An example of a default value might be to add more questions to an notes field that you would want a sales rep to gather while booking a leads.  For a checkbox, use a default value of Yes for checked and No for unchecked.  

Customer/Event Notes

Despite the location of this setting, Customer Notes and Event Notes cannot be turned off. They are in this area of the setting to allow default values.

Customer Notes are specific to an individual customer's profile. The next time that customer books, the notes saved will populate along with their saved contact info. Editing the Customer Notes in one lead will edit the Customer Notes for that profile in ALL leads.

Event Notes are only specific to this one lead. They don't travel with the customer profile from lead to lead and can also be listed on the contract as well.  

Venue Name/Notes

Using the Venue Name field allows a "venue profile" to be saved and recalled at a later time, and allows you to specify the name of a particular geographic location vs. the name of the organization. For example, the customer from "First Baptist Church" may be booking an event at "Lake Shore Park." Lake Shore Park may be a venue you delivered to many times for many different customers. Saving a venue name will allow you to recall that venue's address for various customers.

Venue Notes are another optional notes field that work in conjunction with the venue name. When the venue name is recalled on a lead, the venue address as well as the Venue Notes can be automatically filled in. Any changes you make to the venue notes will update all leads with that venue assigned to it.

Custom Fields

You can create custom fields or questions and have them show on the lead's page and/or on the customer quote form. You can have a fee or discount auto-applied if desired. This is currently only available with "checkbox" style optional fields. 

If the Optional Field is a drop down Select, the Options for the drop down in a Select need to be listed and separated by a comma.

We've made the system very flexible which can make the configuration a bit more complicated, so if things aren't quite working the way you hoped please contact our support so we can assist you.

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