Sales CRM - Last Contact & Last Activity

When using the Sales CRM module, you can access these new fields. Using this data will allow you to see things like who to follow-up with and when an old lead is showing new interest.

Last Contact: The last time your sales staff contacted or attempted to contact the customer.

Last Activity: The last time the customer attempted to contact you or interacted with an email or your website.

This fields are available as Date Filters on the Leads page, as columns in custom reports, and are shown on the CRM tab.

Last Contact is updated when you call someone (via IO Phone), when you email them through your company email account (via IMAP email integration), or when you leave a journal note on the CRM tab.

Last Activity is updated when a customer creates a lead, makes a payment, sign a contract, they call you (via google voice integration), visit your website (see below), they open or click a link in an email sent from IO, or they email you directly (via IMAP email integration).

To track customers on your website, add the following to your website footer or wherever your put the analytics script on your site:

<span style="color: rgb(0, 0, 0);"><img src="//" style="display:none;" /></span>
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