Getting Started - Step 5: Creating a Contract

Contracts are generated based on a template that can be found under Settings -> Contract Template. You can have multiple templates, but only one of them can be the default, which is used when a customer auto-books or you create a contract using Method 2 below. Our Contract Templates can be edited, revised, and created to follow your own company policy, as the contracts set by default uphold a placeholder text used for example purposes only.

There are two ways for you to create a contract as shown below. A customer can also create a contract when they attempt to auto-book an event.

Generate a contract in 1.5 seconds

When viewing a lead, simply change the status to Contract, by clicking the white box underneath the word contract. This will immediately create a new contract using the default template (if no contract exists for that lead) and set the lead status to Contract.

Click Here to read more on Emailing the contract to the customer.

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