Getting Started - Office Upgrade Version Benefits Over Legacy Version

Major upgrades can be difficult. For a number of reasons, we felt it was necessary to have one, though. We are calling it the Office Upgrade. Like our legacy version, we will always take your feedback and either show you solutions or if there are no good ones, create them in the Office Upgrade. Now, you can set your version (per login) instead of account wide. Go to the person icon on the top right of the Office Upgrade and choose the ‘Change Version’ link.

Here are some of the major reasons we are upgrading:

  • Many features you've been asking for will not work in the Legacy Version.
  • Technology we rely on in the Legacy Version will soon stop working or be insecure.

Here are some of the benefits already built in the Office Upgrade:

  • Put a Rental in Multiple Categories
  • IO Phone
  • Email, Tasks, Phone from any page
  • Settings & Help Quick Search
  • Customizable Dashboards & Charts
  • Organizations, Payment Terms, & Account Statements
  • Gift Cards
  • Quick Login to Websites
  • Venues
  • Automations
  • Easily Copy Settings for Multi-Location Accounts
  • Item Display Order for Back Office Site & WordPress Sites
  • Filtering Options Almost Everywhere
  • Advanced Filtering & Reporting
  • Advanced Google Calendar Integration
  • Ability to Import Inventory, Customer, Venue, and Vendor Data
  • Help Information Right Where You Need It
  • Optional Fields for Customers, Inventory, Workers, and Vendors
  • Review & Reputation Management
  • Time Slots
  • SEO Rank Management
  • Keyword and City Landing Page Creation
  • Conversion Rate Monitoring
  • Payments Management Area
  • Link Sharing Network for WordPress Users
  • Custom Display Order Allowed for WordPress Sites and Office Upgrade
  • Sand Bag and Anchor Fees
  • Attachments for Venues, Inventory, Workers, and Customers
  • Handling Split Payments Across Leads
  • Track Tax Exemptions for Customers
  • Allow Draft Leads
  • Improved Conflict Handling and Display
  • QuickBooks Online Links to Invoices, Customers, Payments
  • Bulk Editing of Items

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