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Can I use my own website?
Can I take payments?
Can I use the web address of my choice for my integrated website?
How do I know which plan I will be on?
What am I paying for?
Where do I start?
How do I make a website?
Do you work for more than inflatables?
I need help!

  • Can I use my own website?

    While it is possible to keep your existing website with InflatableOffice, we strongly recommend using a website that is integrated with an InflatableOffice.

    Using an InflatableOffice site will give you the following advantages.

    • Automatic Inventory Listing on your website
    • Contact Us form that will feed right into your account for follow up
    • Built in SEO optimization tools
    • Search Ranking Tracking on Google
    • Integrated Easy on-site checkout process for your cutsomers
    • Testimonials Widget built into site
    • Free Hosting and Domain Security
    • Daily Site Backups
    • Free site support in case of an outage or error on your site

  • Can I take payments?

Yes! Not only can you log any cash/check payments manually in the system but we work with 8 different card processing companies! Unlike other software's we are not owned by a processing company and give you all the options you need. You can see a list of companies we work with here. We realize finding the right partner can pose as a challenge so just contact us and we will be more than happy to make a personalized recommendation!

  • Can I use the web address of my choice for my integrated website?

Yes! This is actually the only part of the process we don't want to handle for you. You should always remain owner of your web address (domain), if you already have one we can point it to a site if you choose to have us launch a site for you. If you don't have a web address there are a lot of places you can register one but we buy ours here!

  • How do I know which plan I will be on?

At InflatableOffice we don't have good, better, and best plans, all of our customers matter! We go strictly off of how many unique items you have, this doesn't count the quantity of each item.

Here is an example:

500 White Chairs 1 Themed Bounce House with 20 different banners 5 Popcorn Machines with extra servings as an option

This would be 3 items, as you can see the add-ons (we like to call them accessories) and multiples of each item don't increase your item count. You can see our plans here!

  • Where do I start?

Once you have your account created starting with the setup surveys is a great way to begin because instead of actually adjusting your account you can just answer questions! You can find your setup guide by clicking the settings wheel in the top right hand corner and clicking on "Setup Progress". Aside from that we have a fantastic YouTube Channel and really recommend checking out this video made just for brand new customers! Also don't forget to reach out to us with any questions on how to move forward!

  • How do I make a website?

InflatableOffice actually offers website services for customers in house! We even offer free websites. Once an account is created you already have a website made for you immediately. If you would like to pick your own template (list of templates here) you can go to your Setup Guide (Click on the settings wheel in the top right hand corner, then click "Setup Progress) and then go to "6. Website Setup". Once you fill out that survey you will have a test website and instructions to follow by email!

  • Do you work for more than inflatables?

Yes! We actually have another brand called EventOffice that is geared towards the rest of the event rental world. Many of our customers don't even have inflatables. This is a list of industries we have serviced successfully so far:

  • Weddings
  • Tents
  • Restroom Trailers
  • Event Planners
  • Entertainers
  • Linens
  • Tools
  • Photobooths
  • Dj's

  • What am I paying for?

Your subscription guarantees you a few things;

We will never stop building our program to grow your sales and make running your company easier. We release new features and bug fixes monthly to make sure we continue to be the best in our industry

You have as much support as you need for the life of your account. There is no added level of phone support or limit to how we can help you out for as long as you are a customer.

On top of all of the time we are going to save you over the years what we really pride ourselves in is the ability to make your company more profitable than it has ever been. If your software is ever an expense and not a worthwhile investment then it is time to make a change. That is why we stay commitment free and remain a monthly subscription leaving you to always be confident in what is powering your business!

  • I need help!

Our software can automate your entire company, this means it isn't a 5 minute setup. We expect our customers to need some assistance and that is why we offer all the support you need!

  1. You should always start by clicking on the Settings icon in the top right hand corner, now just type what you are looking for! This will search our software and our help page documents!
  2. Send us a text (440) 385 - 4080 or an email, this will get you the fastest response as we can handle a large number of these types of requests and won't have to play phone tag with you in case we are helping another customer!
  3. Give us a call! (440) 385-4080, while we may not always be available right when you decide to call us, if you can leave us a detailed voicemail we will be sure to address your request!
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