Getting Started - Step 1: Adding Inventory

Keep it simple to start. You may have some complicated pieces of inventory (Modular art panel bouncers, Multi-section obstacle courses, and many more) that can be configured in different ways to create a different rental, and yes, our software can handle them; but, don't start with them. You'll likely learn more about how you want to put them in as you test out the software on a simple rental unit. 

To add a rental to your inventory using our software…

  1. Select Settings
  2. Select Inventory
  3. Select "Add Inventory"
  4. Enter the name of the item
  5. Enter the quantity
  6. Set Category, Click "Add"
  7. Upload images (these will display on your website)
  8. Next, add the price of your rental in the Price section. 
  9. When complete, select "Save" and your item will be added to your inventory.  

Here is a detailed video on how to add inventory:

Note: As you add in your rental inventory, you must put the rentals into Categories. You may want to edit your Categories here before adding the inventory in. 

Here is a link to more documentation on how to add rental inventory. 

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