Getting Started - Step 6: Linking your Company Email Address

For your Email Preferences, it is pertinent that you enter the Outgoing Email settings correctly and test that they are working for emails to properly send from your email server through the software/EventOffice. Without your email server settings, IO will replicate your company email and send the email through our email server. This can cause your emails to bounce, deliver slowly, or you might get an error message that it cannot be sent at all.

Setup Instructions

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Select Email Preferences.
  3. Choose "Yes" for "Custom Email Server" if you are using an existing email setup.
    If using Gmail or Outlook, click on the corresponding options ("Grant Gmail Permission" or "Grant Outlook Permission"), login with your credentials, then skip to step #6.
  4. Select "Email Provider" from list.

    If your email provider is listed, you may select it and try our preset settings.
    If your email provider is not selected, choose "other" and Google "*Your email provider name* SMTP Settings" and enter the server settings in the corresponding fields

  5. Fill out Username and Password.
  6. Click Red "Test Login" button.
  7. If the test comes back with no errors, you have the correct settings and may now click the "Save & Close" button.   


You'll need to enter your email server settings as if you were setting up your email account on a new computer, making sure the port numbers and server names are accurate. Once you have entered your email settings, you can click the "Test Login" button, which will send an email in the back end using the server settings you entered. If the email is delivered properly, it will say "Test Successful" and if it is not, then it will give you an error message, in which we can use to see what is wrong with your server settings.

If you are choosing to send emails from logged in workers instead of sending them all through your company email, you will need to go to those worker profiles and make sure you have entered that person's email settings and tested them for SMTP outgoing email. If you are a multi-location company and have workers in different locations sending emails from their location specific email account, you will be able to setup an outgoing email server for each location that worker has access to.  

Gmail, Yahoo and other free email providers

Something to consider when using a free email from Gmail, Yahoo, and other providers, is that they limit the number of emails you can send during an hour/day. They do this to limit spam, but it can also prevent you from quickly sending out newsletters in the software/EventOffice. We allow you to set a send rate so that you can still send newsletters through them, but it will slow the sending of your newsletter. When you use the software/EventOffice for hosting your website, we can provide you with email from your domain that does not have this limitation.  

Incoming Email settings are not available unless you have subscribed to our CRM module. When you enter them for your company email here and your workers emails in the workers area, we will import your emails and match them to your customers. It enables us to accurately determine when you last contacted a customer or when they last contact you, which is really important for creating automatic follow-ups or seeing what customer is a hot lead for you.  

Many email providers now require a more secure login process or allow you to set an app password to use with the software. Gmail has instructions on how to do it with them.  

How to setup your Yahoo email:

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