Payments - Accepting Credit Cards Online

The software is not owned by a processor company, nor does it have an exclusive partnership with just one payment company. This leaves you to find the best fit and have the free to use any company you decide to accept card payments using these main options:

    Global Payments  Square
    Clover Connect PayPal PayJunction
    Major cards accepted
    PCI compliant
    No gateway fee
    Recharge cards
    Online bank drafts
    Automatically schedule future payments
    Refunds direct through IO
    Decline Minimizer
    Discounted processing rates for customers with certain PO/Tax info
    Automatically recharge cards
    Fee Type Flat Rate/ Interchange Plus Flat Rate Flat Rate/Interchange Plus Dependent on processor connected to the gateway Flat Rate Flat Rate/Interchange Plus

Global Payments

1. Apply here for a price quote
2. After approval we will setup the online payments for you.
3. For mobile payments, we will email you the keys and instructions you'll need.


  1. Sign up for a PayPal account.
  2. Once your PayPal account is set up, return to the software and go to the settings page.
  3. Select Merchant Services , located under the Pricing section.
  4. Select the PayPal Button, and enter the email you used to set up your Paypal Account, mark active, and then click save.


1. Signup for Square

2. Go to Settings and select Merchant Services
3. Select Square.
4. Press activate and this will lead you to the Square sign-in page.
5. Sign-in and you will activate Square Payments.

Card Connect

1.  Apply here for a price quote2. After approval and working with their team we will finish the integration into your account

  1. Here are the instructions has for obtaining a Login and Transaction Key from them.
  2. Once you have those credentials, you just need to plug them in by going to Settings --> Merchant Services, and then make this option active.
  3. You will also be given the options there for "ACH" (eChecks) and "CIM" (The ability to re-charge a saved card).  Note that these settings need set in your account as well.  

Supported Merchant Accounts

We support:

  • GlobalPayments
  • CardConnect
  • Square
  • PayJunction
  • Moneris
  • PayPal
  • Bambora

Contact them for credentials to enter into the software at Settings -> Merchant Services.

Unsupported Merchant Accounts

Call your merchant account provider and tell them: "I want to take payments through my website. I am using a service called the software as my shopping cart, and they can integrate with the gateway or an emulator. How do I set that up on my merchant account, and how do I get the software the appropriate information to integrate and send payments to my merchant account from my website?" Then contact us at to integrate.

There may be an additional fee from your bank to do this, but it is usually possible to complete the integration.

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