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There are 5 tabs on the left side of the overview page. We will go over each.

Set Filters (Sales Reps and Multi-Locations)

If you are using sales reps or have multiple locations, you will have the option to filter the reports to see only that location or sales reps events.

When a sales rep logs in, the system will automatically set them in the filter by default. If you want to disable that you can remove the ‘Overview Filter’ option on that workers account settings. (A sales rep can always see other sales reps performances).

For multiple locations, the filtering is done automatically based on the logged in users access to their locations. A user will not be able to see details of a location they do not have access to.

Overview Tab: Flagged Leads

This page is designed to help you see any events that might need you to take action. The Flagged Leads table shows why various leads might have been flagged.

Click on the lead to see the details

Here are the different scenarios where a lead can be flagged:

Conflict - This event has an item that is in conflict with another event.

Survey - A survey has been recently completed.

Flag - The event was manually flagged as needing follow-up.

Call - The customer has requested that you call them.

Contract - The customer attempted to book, but due to your restrictions, they were unable. This indicates they requested to be sent a contract to book.  

Booking - Customer has automatically begin booking this event, you may want to verify it.

Clearing A Flag

To remove a flag from an event, you can go to that event, and remove it by hovering over the exclamation next to the event name.

At this time you cannot clear a Conflict flag. To clear a flagged-for-follow up lead (shown as Flag on the overview page), you’ll need to edit the event.

Clearing or setting a lead for follow-up

Overview Tab: Contracts/Deposits/Balance Due

This table shows upcoming events that either need to pay their deposit and/or need sign their contract.

The Rcvd column (abbreviated for Received) lets you know when the contract has been received and signed. If it says DUE, then they still need to sign it.

The $ Dep (abbreviated for Deposit) shows the amount they have paid for the deposit or DUE if they have paid none.

Once the full deposit has been paid and the contract has been received or signed, the event will disappear from the chart. If you need to make adjustments to when the contract was received or the required deposit, you can edit the Contract tab of that event.

If a customer has not signed the contract online, you can fill in the date for when you received a physical copy of the contract on the Contract tab for that event.

Sales Tab

First, the sales amounts are based on the event total, so they do include tax. If you want tax to be excluded from the sales amount go to Settings --> Payment Options --> Taxes --> Use Gross Sales for Overview Reports.

YTD Sales by Month (top-left chart)

This chart will show you your total bookings up to today. It helps you compare how your bookings are this year compared to the same time for previous years. For example, if today is June 4th 2012, then the 2011 column will only include sales that were booked between January 1st - June 4th 2011. You will notice that you can click on the dollar amount to see a report of all the leads included in the total.  

YTD Sales Difference (top-right chart)

This is the most important chart to look at because it will help you see how your bookings are this year compared to previous years. The amounts shown will help you quantify how much better or worse you are doing in that month compared to previous years. Red negative numbers mean you are behind for that month compared to how you were doing last year for that month.

Sales by Month (bottom-left chart)

This shows your total sales by month.

Sales Difference (bottom-right chart)

Shows the difference in sales compared to previous years.

Projected Sales

This is calculated by taking the average yearly sales for the last 3 years, plus the average YTD sales difference.

Charts Tab

The charts tab will give you insight into your Lead --> Event conversion rate, which rentals are the most profitable, and more.

You can change the time period to anything you would like to see

Stats Tab

Most of the details on this page are self-explanatory. You can hover over the text to get an explanation of what it means.

Workers Tab

These reports are only used if you have the worker add-on. It will help you know what events have no workers assigned and also if workers have or have not acknowledged their shift. In order to allow for workers to Accept or Decline their shift, you must use the Email button on the Shift tab of an event to email the workers.

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