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Reports are used to pull data from your Events and Customers in a spreadsheet format. In this area of the settings, you can save lists of columns to have in your report, and share that report with other users. Additionally, for items such as leads, you can use a report on the fly to change the columns you are viewing when viewing a list of these items. If there is a specific order you want your Leads/Events page to populate by default, you can go into your Settings --> General Preferences and set this report as your lead page report.

Report Name

Name your reports so you can easily find them and apply them to your data.

Report Type

This is the data type that you can apply the report to.


For your convenience, we allow you to set a default filter to apply to a report. When viewing a list of items and choosing a report with a default filter, this will cause the filter to be added and the results to be filtered automatically.

Preset Reports

We have a couple preset reports you can access that will have special parameters you can set. More will likely come. Choose the drop-down arrow and click to "Add Preset Report." Then you can click in the Preset Report input to see and search the available preset reports. A brief description will describe the report.  

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