Reports - Lead Reports

Export Leads

This enables you to generate custom reports. You can decide what information you want to export and you can save the reports for future use. Only the leads that match your filter settings will be exported.

(see existing data)

Packing List

Use the filter first to show the leads you want to print a packing list for. The packing list is meant to inform your delivery crew what items are going to each event. One packing list in generated for each event. If you want to specify the packing list for an item, then go to Settings --> Inventory, click an item, then click on the "Options & PL" tab.

Vehicle Packing List

(get from the email template)

Step 1) Filter Your Leads:

When viewing a report you are going to see the data displayed on the Leads page. You can use Lead Filters along with Reports to gather specific information. The first step is to tell the software what leads you want in your report by using the filters on the left side as shown below. You can also use preset filters as shown below in the center. We've added a couple more just for fun. You can also order the data by clicking on any of the sortable columns, such as the Date column pictured on the right.

Filter Leads

Preset Filters

Sort Data

Step 2) Save, Export to Excel, or View Your Report:

When you are ready to see your report, there is a text input field at the top right of the list for "Reports" that you can search for saved reports.

Save Reports

To get started, we've pre-populated your account with a couple reports, and new reports can be created in Settings --> Reports. The icons directly to the right of the reports field allow you to print the data out in a table or export the data to a spreadsheet file.

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