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Most merchant services will provide you with separate credentials to use to integrate with our software. It's not usually your login information. Ask your processor for the credentials to enter into our software so you can take online payments.  

Under the Merchant Services settings you can integrate your Global Payments, Square, PayPal and other merchant accounts. The software only supports the merchants listed on this page. However because we support the gateway, you can often get your merchant account to integrate with us.

Here is an explanation of some of the features we offer for Global Payments. Some of these are available with other processors as well:

  • All major credit cards accepted. 
  • Recharge saved cards through the software/EventOffice. Once you or your customer has run a card through our software, we allow you to access and charge that card in the future. 
  • Online bank drafts accepted. You can allow your customers to pay with a check online.  
  • Credit card swiping through a mobile card reader. You can use a mobile card reader with your smart phone to swipe cards. These transactions are run through our phone app so they can be put in your the software/EventOffice account automatically. 
  • Refunds can be processed directly through the software/EventOffice. If you have their card stored in our software, you can refund directly from our software back to the customer.  
  • Reduced rates for certain business cards. The software/EventOffice supplies additional information so that you can qualify for lower rates on certain business cards.
  • Meets industry PCI compliance standards.
  • Direct integration with the software/EventOffice. You do not need to pay for an additional credit card gateway to integrate with us.  

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