Payments - Global Payments (OpenEdge) Mobile Payment - setup on phone app

In order to set up Mobile Payments, you'll need to download the InflatableOffice app, and the Global Payments mobile app.

For initial setup, navigate to a lead and click on the ‘Payments’ button.

Next, you will need to set your payment credentials, which you should have already received from Global Payments. The app will save these credentials after they are entered, so you should only need to set them once. Do this by selecting ‘Set Payment Credentials’.

If at any time you need to edit one or more of your Global Payments credentials, simply navigate to either the lead or shift list page, open the menu by clicking on the menu icon at the top left corner (shown above), and select 'Settings'. This is the page where your credentials are stored.

After you have confirmed your XWeb Auth Key, XWeb ID, and XWeb Terminal ID are entered correctly, press back at the top left corner to return back to the lead page.

Now when you click on the ‘Payments’ button, you will need to set up your card reader by clicking ‘Card Reader Settings’. This should only need to be done once.

First, ensure your phone has Bluetooth enabled and select the ‘Walker BT’ option. If you would rather enter card details manually, simply click ‘None’ at the top of the settings page instead of ‘Walker BT’. You can always change your card reader settings in this same fashion at a later time as well. Once your phone has been connected with the card reader device, click the back arrow at the top left to be taken back to the lead page.

Finally, in order to complete the payment, click ‘Payments’ one last time on the lead page and select ‘Take Payment’ this time. Confirm your payment amount on the next page and click 'Take Payment' to be redirected to the OpenEdge mobile app. If you are using a card reader, you'll want to select ‘Process’ at the bottom of this page to begin the payment process. If you are using manual card entry, be sure to enter the card details first before clicking ‘Process’. After the initial setup process outlined above is complete, this is the only step that needs to be done each time a payment is taken.

After the payment has been taken, you also have the opportunity to specify a tip amount to add to the payment. The tip amount is completely optional, but will be added as a line item fee to the lead if you do choose to leave a tip.

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