Payments - Payment Preferences


This is the settings page where you set your Payment Preferences. Many of the settings on this page, such as mailing location, allowing checks or cash, and terms are used for display while the customer is paying for their services.  

Required Deposit

The required deposit here is a global default setting for your account/location. It will apply if nothing else is set.  Other places you can set deposit amounts are on the Customer Types settings page and per inventory item. Setting them per customer type will override the setting here. Setting them per inventory item will add to either the deposit amount here or the customer type amount. Most people choose to have a percentage based deposit, such as 10%. You do not have to require a deposit. 


Surcharges are something you should review with your merchant because they often have rules about them. If you choose to use them, we will calculate a surcharge fee and display it to the customer and your staff when making payments that apply. Keep in mind that surcharges are taxed by default in our software, so the calculation for the additional money due to the surcharge includes the surcharge and the subsequent tax. So it may look like the surcharge calculation is not accurate, when it indeed is. You can set the surcharge to not be taxable if you prefer. You should check with your accountant on which is legal in your area.

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