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Global Payments is the only Merchant we work with where you can apply a refund in IO and have it automatically get refunded back to the customer through the Merchant. With the other Merchants we partner with, you must record a negative payment in IO, but you'll need to manually process the refund through that companies software. For example, if you are using Square, you must manually refund the customer from Square. Once you have refunded the customer from Square's software, you must go into IO and manually record the refund.

Many of our Merchants offer the feature of recharging cards. However, recharging and refunding are two different features.

Recharging - Recharging saved credit cards that have been previously stored on file for the customer (returning customer, paying the balance, scheduled payments, etc)

Refunding - Refunding the customer the amount agreed upon (full balance, deposit, etc)

This is how to process a refund through IO for Global Payments: 

Here is a list of the merchants we integrate with and the features they include:

Global Payments Square CardConnect PayPal PayJunction
Major cards accepted
PCI compliant
No gateway fee
Recharge cards
Online bank drafts
Automatically schedule future payments
Accept payments directly through IO mobile app
Refunds direct through IO
Decline Minimizer
Discounted processing rates for customers with certain PO/Tax info
Offers to beat or match any competing rates
Automated billing from IO
Fee Type Flat Rate/ Interchange Plus Flat Rate Flat Rate/Interchange Plus Dependent on processor connected to the gateway Flat Rate Flat Rate/Interchange Plus
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