Last Minute Fee, Tags, Duplicate Detection, and more

Tim B. shared this announcement 17 months ago

New Features:

  • Max Bookings Per Hour: In Online Quoting, you can now limit the number of bookings during a certain hour. This will check higher status leads for the same start hour and compare against the max value.
  • Max Days in Advance: In Online Quoting you can now restrict how far in the future quotes for events are allowed to be obtained..
  • Tags: You can now categorize, add descriptions, edit multiple, add reports, and delete all tags by name.
  • Customers: You now have more control over detecting and preventing duplicate customers by choosing what defines a match in your customer database.
  • Automations: Task creation can now be automated through automations.
  • Template Rental Headings: When adding items to a lead, you can now choose to add a heading which will display on your templates. You can also duplicate items in the rental list under different headings with different quantities, prices, and notes.
  • Tax: Amusement tax for Maryland updated to allow marking items, prices, and delivery types exempt.
  • Tips: You can now set a default tip amount to be used as well as a “No Tip” option that when used together requires they choose no tip to not give a tip.
  • FeesLast minute event fee added to the fee type dropdown to make setting up last minute fees easier.
  • Fees: Made it easier to add terms and damage waiver to templates.
  • IO Phone: Added DND stats and we are now not counting transfers that don’t pick up as missed calls against the worker transferring.
  • IO Phone: You can now build text message filters for use in automations.  The following fields are supported: Message Time (date), Message Text (string), Message Direction (string) ("in"/"out"), Message Read (boolean), Message To Number (string), Message From Number (string), IO Phone Number (string).
  • Email: For newsletters you can now get an idea of how long it will take to send based on your send rate.
  • Email: For newsletters you can now specify a start and end time per day.
  • Filters: Added Contact Next Event Date/Time so you can filter on whether the customer has an upcoming or past event.
  • Filters: You can now allow editing of a shared filter whereas before any edits would cause a copy to be created. This is especially important for sharing filters that are tied to automations and/or emails.
  • Inventory: You can now share inventory between locations within the same account in a way such that both locations have a lead reflecting the event/job and still enabling accurate conflict checking and pricing.
  • Inventory: For packing list definitions on inventory, we made it easier to update the appropriate lists.
  • Conflicts: Improved handling of conflicts for items with required accessories.
  • Analytics: Added initiate Checkout, and addToCart actions to google analytics tracking automatically
  • SEO: Continued improvement in quality of content created for our Content Engine plan
  • Wordpress: You can now activate product filtering for clients and allow them to filter inventory by optional fields

Bugs fixed:

  • Support: Potential abuse in earning points on the support forum prevented.
  • Zapier: Multiple issues with web hooks fixed.
  • Fees: Completed leads will now not attempt to update fees and promotions on them.
  • Venues: Improvements made to hidden venues regarding hidden venues created by workers without access to add venues.
  • Price Warnings: If you have a zero price set and we can detect it, we will not suggest moving the price to zero on the lead if you’ve entered a price. We will assume you always want to enter it manually.
  • Filters: Fixed issue with text clearing when editing a filter condition.
  • Calendar: Fixed some issues with formatting the calendar hover popup.
  • Email: Fixed issue with sending emails through Outlook and supporting the unsubscribe header.
  • Tasks: Properly sorted in the Flagged Leads on dashboards now.
  • Wordpress: Book Now buttons will open cart only if items are in the cart, otherwise it sends to quote form
  • Wordpress: Fixed cart and checkout time pickers to enforce time restrictions if typed using keyboard
  • Wordpress: Fixed issues with conditional pricing not showing if date not set
  • QuickBooks Desktop: Fixed issue with some leads being queued when not necessary.

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Has this been released? I tried the "add a heading" feature, but it wasn't working. Some of these features and fixes are great! Best release I've seen in a long time!


Not yet. Comes out tomorrow if all goes well.


I absolutely love that we got a heads up on the release notes this time can't wait to see some of these great new features IO looks like they stepped it up another notch


Looking forward to a lot of these updates! How is not showing down the new route planner/app 😀


CANNOT WAIT to show some of this stuff off, AND use it myself!

Preventing customer duplicates and tag organization is going to be a game changer! 😁


@tim Beck

Can the max bookings per hour be set for time blocks ( ie 9am>11am)? Does it only apply to online quoting, or will it notify our staff when booking from back end?


No, it’s real simple. It’s max bookings per hour for any hour. Online booking only. Admin is exempted.

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