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Worker's Site - Overview

The worker's site is a place that your event and delivery staff can see and manage their schedule. They can sign-up for shifts, request off, trade shifts, see their schedule per month, week, or day. You can control their access to various features, but it can include event details, contract, packing list, delivery details and directions. Managers can complete post-event surveys and put items into maintenance.

Sharing the Worker site

You can share your workers site address by copying this link on "Worker Site"

From this page they will be able to sign up for a new account or login to the Worker Site. If they sign up they will still need approved to prevent access to unauthorized people.

Worker Site Permissions

You can set the following items per worker account.

Signing up for Shifts

Assuming you have given the worker permission to sign up for shifts that are not assigned to any particular worker yet, a worker can only sign up for a shift if they are cleared for the position defined on the shift. Workers may be ranked from 1 to 5, with 5 being the highest rank. Ranking your workers allows you to ensure that the workers that you prefer, get first priority when signing up for shifts. Workers can only sign up for shifts 2 weeks times their rank from the current time. For example, if today is June 7th, a worker with a rank of 1 can only sign up for shifts that occur from June 7th to June 14th. Workers with a rank of 5 can sign up for shifts occurring June 7th through August 9th, a ten week moving window. If you do not want your workers to be able to sign up for their own shifts, make sure that they are not assigned the same position as the shifts. Then, you can assign the shifts manually from the schedule tab of the lead and allow them to still login and check their schedule.

Requesting Off

If given the permission to, workers may request off a shift they have already signed up for or been assigned to. They simply click the button to request off when viewing that shift. Doing so does not remove them from the shift. Instead it sends an email to all qualified workers that the shift is available. If another worker clicks to take that shift, the names are switched.

A worker who is trying to request off for a shift he is scheduled for. It will only email other workers that are eligible for that shift.

Easy Access

If given the permission the worker can view added attachments to the lead, the packing list, contract and directions by clicking the event on the calendar.

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