Quote Pages - Multiple Brands/Quote Pages

The software gives you the ability to have multiple brands/Quote Pages/websites with one account, sharing the same inventory, and potentially excluding some inventory from certain quote pages. There are many applications for this, but a common example is so that you can use various websites to target different styles of events.

In order to do this, you'll need to set up a second "Group" of customer pages in Settings-Pages/Templates.

Choosing which rentals show on which pages

By default, all rentals will show on all pages, but you can choose for a rental to only show on certain pages/groups. To set this up, you'll click next to the add button there  will be an arrow pointing down, click on that to get the drop down and you can choose from there and create it. 

Limitations of multi-brands

Here are some limitations of this feature. You can use our multi-location setup if you need a more complete solution.

- You can only have one company email on your account
- You cannot control worker access based on brands
- It's more difficult to manage reporting/charting per brand
- You are limited on configuring settings/pricing and other company details per brand

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