Quote Pages - Custom Questions and Form Fields

You can create custom fields or questions and have them show on the lead's page and/or on the customer quote form. You can have a fee or discount auto-applied if desired when a checkbox is marked.

We've made the system very flexible which can make the configuration a bit more complicated, so if things aren't quite working the way you hoped, please contact our support so we can assist you.

Example: Setting up a Damage Waiver

  1. Go to Settings -> Optional Fields
  2. Click Add Optional Field
  3. See Screenshot on how to configure
  4. Once you have saved the damage waiver, to get it to display on your checkout page go back into the optional field you created and add it to your quote page.
  5. You can set the default value to 1 if you want it to be checked by default.  
  6. Go to Settings -> Promotions & Fees
  7. Click Add New Fee and setup as screenshot shows below.

The above setup will cause this damage waiver fee to only apply when the checkbox is marked on the lead and it will apply to all rentals. You can configure it to apply only on certain rentals or there are ways to set it up to make it optional on each rental.

Add a Question with a Drop-Down 

If you would like to add a question that will give a customer more than one option to answer, you can do this by adding a drop down box. You can do this by using the option select for the Type. Then you can add your options the customer will have to choose from separating the choices with a comma.  

Configure Custom Questions Manually on Quote Form

Using the Optional Fields interface, you can add a simple checkbox or text input to the Quote Form, but if you want anything more complicated you can manually add it by following the instructions below.

  1. Go to Settings -> Customer Pages
  2. Edit your Quote Request page
  3. Click the area where you want the question to appear
  4. Click the <> button to modify the HTML code
  5. Paste in one of the below examples

<label for="custom-3-Nick_Name">Nick Name</label>

<input name="custom-3-Nick_Name" required="required" type="text" value="*custom-3-Nick_Name*"/>

 <label for="custom-2-How_many_things?">How many things?</label>


<select name="custom-2-How_many_things?">

<option value="1">1</option>

<option value="5">5</option>

<option value="More than 5">More than 5</option>


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