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The definition of an API is: "Application Programming Interfaces (API)" An API is a way for one program to interact with another. API calls are the medium by which they interact. An API call, or API request, is a message sent to a server asking an API to provide a service or information."

For a more applicable explanation, API calls are what happens when your website needs to interact with our software to get information. This could also be our software interacting with another program. Some examples are:

  • Customer submits quote
  • Information is updated on the site
  • EventHawk sends over a lead to our software
  • Various other interactions between your website and our software
  • Zapier interactions
  • Use of our API

Along with these "calls" comes a cost and load on our servers which we cover within a certain amount. When exceeding that number there is a "per call" cost. If you are receiving more API calls and notice it on your billing it means you are doing an excess of the 500 transactions we provide by default, and usually indicates an increase in site traffic or EventHawk usage, which is good!

More pricing information below:

Each call, regardless of the amount of information returned, will count as one transaction.

The first 500 transactions per month are included for free with the purchase of the WordPress/API add-on.

The next 3000 transactions per month are $0.01 per transaction.

Any transactions above this are $0.001 per transaction.

You will see the charges billed to you listed as "API Charges = $X.XX"

The API tab of the worker profiles will show a history of transaction counts. If using multiple profiles, you'll have to manually add them up.

The transactions count is reset the first of each month and you are billed for last month's transactions on your normal bill date. 

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