API - Setup Access

You can setup a new API key a Workers profile. If you are not subscribed to the workers add-on, you will be able to add one worker profile for use with the API.

Create a worker profile

1. Go to Workers
2. Click Add new worker
3. Give it a first/lastname such as Website API and any username, such as bigjump_api_1. Leave the password and everything else blank.
4. Save

Create an API token

1. Go to the API tab of a worker profile
2. click edit
3. click generate for an API token
4. it is recommended that you put the IP addresses of the servers making api calls in the restriction

Grant access permissions

1. Go to the permissions tab of the worker profile
2. click edit
3. grant access to the appropriate areas this API profile will be using.
For example: Settings Rental Inventory, Settings Categories, Customers, and Leads

Test it by getting a list of your rentals

1. Go to https://rental.software/api6/rentals?apiKey=

2. Paste your API token at the end of the URL
3. Results:
Success - You get a list of rental details (json encoded)
Failure - API key not provided
Failure - API key not found (you typed your key wrong)
Failure - You don't have permission (see the permissions tab of the API worker profile)

Need more details returned?

You can often add _body=true to a GET call to retrieve more info, but the request may take a little longer.

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